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Valley Ketamine

What Is It?

Ketamine infusion therapy is an alternative treatment plan for various pain conditions, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. This form of treatment and therapy has proven to be better, faster, and safer than other conventional treatments. At Valley Medical's Ketamine Clinic, our team of board certified specialists are well versed in the administration of this procedure, and are determined to put your comfort and satisfaction first throughout your treatment.

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To put it simply, ketamine infusion therapy is a type of therapy that causes the chemicals in your brain to re-organize themselves in a way that brings relief to areas of pain or discomfort, whether mental, emotional, or physical. The infusion therapy is specially designed to maximize these effects and is a unique form of therapy. 

The ketamine is administered in low, sub-anesthetic doses. Instead of binding to opioid receptors in your brain, they bind to the NMDA, which are associated with learning and memory. Due to this type of chemical reaction, your brain is able to learn new positive habits and emotions as opposed to the old ones that cause pain and suffering. 

When administered by a healthcare professional, ketamine is the safest alternative anti-depressant and pain medication option. Our ketamine procedure is administered through a series of infusions that are specially developed to encourage a therapeutic response. Our recommended treatment plan is six infusions overall. The infusions initiate an interaction between the chemicals and receptors in your brain, causing antidepressant effects, even in the most resistant cases such as TRD (Treatment Resistant Depression). 

For Mental Health

If traditional anti-depressant methods aren't giving you the results you need, ketamine may be the best option for you. Some anti-depressants and medications can take weeks, even months, to reach their full therapeutic capacity. With ketamine, patients have felt relief within a few hours of their treatment, and often times begin to experience their best results within 1-2 days of their second infusion. Clients also have reported experiencing less side effects with ketamine than conventional methods. Even for clients who are resistant to other medications, ketamine has found a way to chemically generate the desired response and relief.

Traditional anti-depressants yield a 40-45 percent success rate, while ketamine offers a much higher success rate at 50-70 percent. Some clients have also found that while benefitting from ketamine treatments, they become less reliant on prescription medication for their mood disorders.

It's been proven that ketamine has a short half-life and leaves the body quickly. However, the effects and changes it makes in your brain are long-lasting. This proves to be ideal for patients who do not want to be taking daily medication, and is a more cost-effective option.





For Pain

While narcotics and other medications can provide relief for chronic and on-going pain, many experience unwanted side effects and are stuck with long term prescriptions. Ketamine treatment has proven to be a successful alternative for clients such as this, as its relief takes effect quickly, and the side effects can be minimalized. It has proven to be effective even for those who have become resistant to narcotics and other medications. 

Ketamine resets the central nervous system's sensitivity to pain, and nullifies pain receptors, providing relief to any affected areas. It is able to provide long term relief by calming the brain during treatment, and re-teaching the body how to process pain normally.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)


Chronic Pain

To insure the patient has the privacy desired for this procedure, our Ketamine infusions are only offered at our North Aurora facility. 
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